Who I Am…

I am Deborah Sawyer, Your Tax Girl.  I will provide you with a respectable, and certified tax preparation service.  

The services I offer will meet your personal, business, and financial  needs.  Once you work with me, you can leave your difficult situation, and worries behind. So you can get back to focusing on the things that matter most in your life.

​My story:

​I have been in the tax business for over 26 years I started in 1997.  I worked, and received most of my training from one of the largest tax preparation companies in the United States. So after 18 years of working with them, I decided to start my own tax preparation business.

​I am also a self employed, IT Consultant who loves technology, and what it has to offer.  My saying is “enjoy what you do, and love doing it”! That keeps what’s within me, happy, and it helps me to be more positive in what I do, and all that I can do.

​I love seeing happy, and determined people who believe in making their tax situation better for them, and their family.  I use that knowledge, and training that I have to get my clients the best legally possible refund. When a client has a balance due, I discuss with the client what can be done to correct the situation for now, and for the future.

​If you are in the need of tax advice, I can give you that.

If you need to complete filing prior year tax returns, I can get you current.

If you need to amend a current or prior year return, that can be done.  

If you have received a letter from the IRS or one of the state agencies, I can work with you to resolve that issue, also.

​The only thing you need to do is call, and talk to me about your situation, and we can work together to resolve it.

My accomplishments:

​I served under the IRS as a member of the Electronic Tax Administration Advisory Committee (ETTAC) in 2016-2017.  ETAAC’s responsibilities involve researching, analyzing, and making recommendations on a wide range of electronic tax administration issues.


​I am a member of the National Association of Tax Professionals NATP.


Every year I am required to complete a set amount of educational training, I go well beyond that requirement because I love learning, researching, and knowing about the latest in tax law, and information.   I also attend many webinars/seminars in my area, online, and in other states to complete my required education.  I go well, and beyond because it’s all about getting all the information I can get so I have the tax advice you can grow with!


​I am a Notary Republic for the state of Illinois.

I am an IRS Certified Acceptance Agent.

I am a Self-Employed Specialist.

I am trained to keep your information safe, and secure.

​That’s Me!